Recruit Process


Analysing initiates the manpower recruiting process. Meeting the new need in an organization -this may be an entry-, mid- or upper-level management position. Criteria such as skills and competencies, experience, age, and education that best serve the position are also identified. Using this information, a standard application form is prepared to collate information provided by the applicants, in addition to their own resumes. The vacancy is then advertised.


The processing entails going through the applications submitted by the jobseekers. The employer identifies candidates who are suitable for the initial interview, which may be conducted over the phone, Skype interview or face to face. The candidate's character and communication skills are screened. The employer collects data through note-taking during the interview process and its cross checked.


The Shortlisting process defines matching the data received during the interviews with the initial needs identified for the vacant position. This enables the employer to narrow down the list of interviewed applicants and to choose the most qualified person from the pool of applicants. Those applicants who don't meet the target criteria are eliminated; those who meet the criteria move forward to the selection process.


Selecting involves cross checking with the references provided. Information about the character and competencies of the applicant, the company applicant worked. Employers also carry out background checks to establish criminal records. A final interview may be carried out with the selected applicant to discuss matters such as salary, wages and working schedules. The interview also involve at times skill test which is been interviewed by the client, they conduct Skype interview or they personally attend the applicant. The selection process ends when the employer offers the vacant position to the most qualified candidate.

Medical check-up

After final selection, we send the candidates for medical check-up at the authorized medical centres the respective embassies of the country of employment.

Further Assessment Training

Employees passing the test or interview will be trained for further knowledge and skill to meet the standard qualification. The training programs include the languages training, skill improvement and orientation program with information about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and working environment and living conditions in the country as well as salient features of labour laws of the country.

Application for visa

Visa application will be submitted to the respective embassies of countries on basis of working , obtained by the employer's (work visa).

Ticketing and Emigration

The employer may send travelling expenses in favour of Manpower Recruitment in order to facilitate travelling as scheduled. We will obtain Emigration Clearance from the concerned Government Department for the candidates. Then, the applicants are ready to board the flight for respective work country.

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