A nation's growth is measured on its infrastructural and construction industry, for better homes and complexes. We provide Construction Recruitment to various big firms with highly skilled professionals. We follow stringent procedure in selecting the candidates, ability to handle projects, handle harsh conditions, knowledge of geometry measurement, understanding blueprint referred by us to the client engaged in construction industry. It can be operating engineers, Metal workers, Carpenters, Land surveyor, unskilled labour.


We offer Engineering Recruitment Service, which is the procedure of selecting most excellent candidates for industries like petrochemicals, oil, gas, airports, highways, ports, rail infrastructure, who are able to work in technological advancements and all weather conditions. The profiles may include, Manufacturing engineers, Design engineers, Process planners, Mechanics, Welders, Lathe operators, Graphic designers, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Instrumentation engineering


Oil & gas industries serve almost each industry existing in the market. This is a vast sector of petroleum where only knowledgeable candidates can perform task perfectly. We gratify the industrial requirements by sourcing the most suitable candidates for the positions available. Suffice professionals understanding the domain of industry, like, safety engineers, operation technicians, scaffolders, senior geophysicist, and refinery designs engineer.


The IT & Telecom industries has expanded at a great scale reaching every corner and region of the nation, as a result needs for professionals in these sectors have increased in recent past. Our recruiting team is vastly experienced in analyzing the candidate’s team management, technical and analytic skills. The candidates are selected on the basis of a written test followed by a personal interview to ensure the best. The profiles include regional managers, managing director, sales executives, software engineers, program developers, account executives.


Hospitality encompasses wide vicinity with exotic luxuriousness. We are specialised in catering recruitment services with all the amenities to position the candidates at management and senior level roles in hotels and restaurants. General managers, Chefs, Cook, Housekeeper, Captain, Cake Artist, Baker, Steward, Food Safety & Hygiene officer, Butcher, Supervisor, Receptionist, Store Keeper, Auditor, Secretary.


Our expertise in offering doctors and health care specialists required in various hospitals, medical institutions, nursing home and clinics. We select candidates who meet the demanding situation and play their important part in personal growth and institution success. Healthcare applicants profile, Medical staff, Doctors, Nurses, PTS, OTS, Research analysis, Medical and biological scientists, Health information technicians.


With the growth of airline sector, the industry has seen increased demand of professional manpower solutions comprising high expertise and global liberalization. Selecting experienced personnel expertise in providing clients with service support in regards to aviation personnel, with psychometric & psychological profiling support. Cargo Manager, Air hostess, Ground Operator, JAR Audit Inspectors, First Officers, Flight Engineers, Electricians, Air Traffic Controller, Flight Operator, Sheet Metal Workers, Painters.


We provide Agricultural Recruitment Service throughout the nation, as we understand the importance of desired skilled and unskilled labour force in the farming industry, where cultivation of plantation is important. Profile includes Engineers, Storekeeper, Researcher, Botanists, Farming operator.


We are a leading recruitment agency in the rail sector at an international level. The recruitment for services of metro, rail is increasing day by day which requires your physical assessment. For employers we provide various railway recruitment services from traditional selection through Railroad manpower suppliers.


About us

We are Leo Enterprises, a premier manpower consultancy firm. “We recruit for professional attitude and train for skill,” believing this quote through the years we have become the most dependable, competent, reliable recruitment agency worldwide.